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We have two main tour schedules:
1. Those who are between 18-35.(AFRICAN ROUTES)
2. Those older than 35.(AFRICAN SAFARIS)

A valid passport is required for all tours. Depending on your tour and nationality you may require visas for certain countries you will travel through. Please ensure you possess all relevant documents before travelling.

All clients must be covered by Travel Insurance. We offer an insurance scheme which is designed for safari and overland travel. Contact our office if you wish AFRICAN ROUTES to arrange this for you.

A willingness to participate is fundamental to all our tours. Passengers will be asked to pitch their own tent, help pack the vehicle, assist with meal preparation and wash up afterwards. We expect all passengers to share the attitude that it’s fun to be involved. Joining in means you’ll get far more out of your tour at the end of the day. In the interest of your enjoyment and that of your fellow passengers, please ensure you have decided to travel with AFRICAN ROUTES because you are attracted by the style and itinerary of the tour and not just the reasonable price.

The tours are designed for those aged between 18 and 35. This helps to create a young, fun group with which to share an action packed holiday. It's a social experience as well as a travel experience. Seeing so much in a relatively short space of time, often in hot and perhaps dusty conditions (as can be experienced in the desert for example) also requires a certain amount of stamina, a sense of humour and a degree of flexibility.

All our tours aim to show you as many highlights as possible within a relatively short time. Some tours cover greater distances than others so be prepared for some long travelling days.

Accommodation can be organised for before and after your tour, at the departure and arrival points. The tours generally begin and end at youth hostels, which offer dorm-bedded accommodation at +/- R60 and private rooms at +/- R150. Booking in for the night prior to departure has the advantage of enabling our passengers to meet one another and be on site for the early morning pick up. Booking in after your tour avoids a rush to meet flight times on your last day and most groups enjoy a meal together, even though the tour has finished. Contact the office for current accommodation rates.

We can arrange airport pick ups and drop offs for a nominal fee.

Joining instructions, detailing the location of departure and arrival points, will be included in your "Tour Confirmation Voucher". This is issued on receipt of full payment.

We can organise private expeditions/tours for clubs, societies and student groups. Please write with details of your interest and we will be happy to send you a quote.

In order to maintain a good standard of service, we request that passengers take a few moments to complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of their tour. Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

Your group is likely to be a mix of several nationalities. The majority of our passengers are from the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

There is no single supplement charge if you join a tour alone. You will simply share accommodation with another tour member. Don’t worry about coming on your own, most of our passengers do.

A backpack or soft hold-all is much easier to pack than a suitcase. We request that luggage size is kept to a minimum. i.e. one backpack per person.

Torch, binoculars, comfortable walking shoes, swimming costume, hat and sunscreen, mosquito repellent, camera, music tapes, etc. are useful items.

You are required to bring a sleeping bag. Your bag should be a warm one for tours which travel during the winter months.

The winter lasts for approximately 3 months of the year - June to August. Days are pleasantly warm but nights can be cold. A warm jacket and good sleeping bag are required. Summer months are hot and shorts, T-shirts and sandals are the order of the day. A smarter set of clothes is required for the occasional evening out.

All vehicles are equipped with a basic first aid kit. It is advisable for you to carry a personal medical kit, especially if you are travelling on the NORTHERN / SOUTHERN TREK. As a precaution your travel insurance should include cover for medical expenses.

You will pass through possible malarial areas on a number of the tours so prophylactics should be taken. Up-to-date advice can be sought from your doctor or a local pharmacist. Mosquito repellent is a useful item.

Juice, tea and coffee are provided. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the tour price. You are welcome to purchase your own drinks en route from a bottle store or supermarket. Occasionally we may visit a pub in the evening.

For the comfort and safety of everyone, we do not allow smoking in the vehicles or inside our tents. However, there will be ample opportunity for those who wish to smoke during the many stops en route.

Whilst we endeavour to adhere to itineraries as they are published in this brochure, we are travelling in Africa and occasionally things happen which may require changes to be made. In such instances we will do our best to minimise the impact any changes may have on your itinerary.

Transport is provided by Overcoach. The Overcoach is a unique combination of two very different vehicles. It combines the comfort and speed of a coach, with the rough and rugged durability of the Overland truck. The Overcoach's features include large opening side lockers which offer easy access to generous storage space for luggage, cooking equipment, food and tents, etc. The raised seating area offers optimum height for game viewing. The wide-opening windows increase photographic opportunities. A genuine 20-seater - with comfortable coach seats, which come complete with seatbelts and armrests. The ample legroom and inside tables makes travelling long distances a pleasure. The cooking area in the back of the vehicle, which includes built-in heavy duty cooler boxes, provides efficient and convenient cooking in varying weather conditions. Other features include: video battery recharger, internal lights and music speakers and a communal safe. Alternatively, you may travel in the Minicoach. Group size will generally influence the size of vehicle scheduled.


Three camp meals per day are included in the tour cost. (NB: On the NORTHERN / SOUTHERN TREK tours only, a trip kitty is payable to the driver on departure.) This covers a breakfast, picnic lunch and wholesome cooked evening meal. Fresh produce is purchased as we travel, to supplement our pre-packed food supplies. If a special vegetarian meal has to be made in addition to the group meal, your assistance may be required. Occasionally the group may decide to eat a meal out, which will be for your own account.


Camping - Two-person, walk-in dome tents (with built-in groundsheets), which have mosquito-net doors and windows are used. Passengers pitch their own tents - they’re easy to set up and pack up and are roomy enough to stand up in. Foam sleeping mattresses are also provided.
Hutted - This will be a mixture of rondavel huts, cabins, bungalows and occasionally a communal dorm-bedded room. They will be used during the winter months of certain tours. They have a rustic charm, not the luxury found in some hotels..
Camp sites used vary, depending on the different tours and countries. Many are within National Parks, such as Kruger, which have hot water, showers, flush toilets and boast extras such as laundry facilities and a swimming pool. Other camp grounds cannot provide hot water for showers but their location possibly offers what their facilities lack. The NORTHERN / SOUTHERN TREK tours also take the opportunity to bush camp, where there are no facilities but which allows access to remote areas and offers a unique African experience.


All camping and cooking equipment is provided by AFRICAN ROUTES. The only item you will need is your own sleeping bag.


Entrance fees to game parks, camp sites, museums, caves and other places of interest listed in your itinerary are all included. Offering an all inclusive price means that all the highlights mentioned in our tour itineraries, such as the complete Okavango Delta experience, canoeing on the Orange River, the use of specilised local safari operators in certain National Parks, etc are all covered by your tour price. No additional budgeting is needed. There may be occasions on tour when optional adventure activities can be booked and paid for locally, eg bungi jumping, dune boarding, etc. These would be for your own account. On the NORTHERN / SOUTHERN TREK certain highlights are optional and therefore not included in the tour price (current optional costs are available from our office).


Their principal role is to look after the group. They will give the low-down on the sights, wildlife, history and people. Depending on group size and route, your guide may also be the driver and cook. Alternatively, you may be guided by two crew members - a driver and a cook. They will ensure you get the most out of your tour and endeavour to make your holiday one you will always remember.

AFRICAN ROUTES, the first Africa-based tour company to cater for the 18 – 35 age group. We specialise in camping adventure tours for the backpacker/student/price-conscious traveller. Itineraries are action-packed yet prices are affordable. A mix of nationalities travel together, eager to experience the incredible variety which Africa has to offer.

Tourism to Southern Africa, in particular, has grown over recent years and so has AFRICAN ROUTES. Our most popular routes remain, while exciting new itineraries are constantly being researched.

Our support base is located in Durban, South Africa. It is here that the team of: Administration and Reservations, Operations and Training, together with Stores and Equipment staff, all work together to ensure every aspect of the company runs smoothly and efficiently. Also, at base, we have Vehicle Workshops, where our coach-building takes place and all vehicles are maintained and regularly serviced by our full-time mechanics.

The Overcoaches that we operate are custom-built and have a unique design which is hard to miss. We have combined the rough and rugged durability of the overland truck with the comfort and speed of a coach - a previously unheard of combination. It is well adapted for the varying road conditions it will encounter en route. From remote pot-holed dirt tracks to tarred motorways, the high-powered turbo engine minimises time on the road and maximises time at the highlights. The Overcoach is as tough as a truck yet travels like a coach.

We firmly believe that we operate more effectively in Africa, by being in Africa. Locally owned and operated, we have the back-up of a permanent operations base on a continent where it is not uncommon to need this support. For things don't always work out quite as planned in Africa, but let's face it, that's part of the attraction. It may be frustrating but you can be sure it's equally fascinating. Its people have a smiling, laid-back approach to life and take a challenge in their stride. As a guest in another land, flexibility and an open mind will introduce a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

Whether you have time for only a glimpse or the freedom to enjoy a multi-country adventure, our trips offer excellent value for money. With us, you'll leave Africa with memorable images - but more than that, you'll have enjoyed the enthusiasm, friendship and security of an AFRICAN ROUTES tour.

We look forward to welcoming you.




African Routes operates a fleet of Overcoaches which are custom built and have a unique design that is hard to miss. We have combined the rough and rugged durability of the overland truck with the comfort and speed of a coach - a previously unheard of combination. It is well adapted for the varying road conditions it will encounter en route. From remote pot-holed dirt tracks to tarred motorways, the high-powered turbo engine minimises time on the road and maximises time
at the highlights.

A genuine 20-seater.
Coach seats with seatbelts,
armrests and ample leg room.
Interior lights and music speakers with individual on/off switches.
Inside tables for games, eating or writing, etc. Elevated seating gives first-rate game viewing.
Wide opening windows offer excellent
photographic opportunities.
Unique front viewing window.

Walkway between cab and coach for good communication between passengers and crew. Kitchen area within rear of vehicle for efficient cooking in varying weather conditions. Dedicated catering locker makes lunch stops a breeze.
Built-in, heavy-duty cooler boxes.

There is no other vehicle like this to be found on the road
- or off the road - in Africa.

THE OVERCOACH also has a 12-seater version, the MINICOACH.
It boasts all the same featuresand is scheduled for smaller group sizes.

African Routes only purchases new vehicles to ensure performance reliability. The coach body is designed and custom built in our workshop. In addition to the quality of the vehicles, we have the back-up of a permanent operations base where maintenance and regular servicing is carried out by our qualified mechanics.


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